Welcome to the World of Mothers!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in the world. !!!

Being a mother is a tough job, probably the toughest job on earth.

No matter how tired moms get they still take the time to serve the family.  So its time for us to show respect and value them.

mothers day

During Mother’s day we give them gifts, flowers, chocolates,pastries or treat them to a nice lunch or dinner to show our heartfelt gratitude to our dear mothers.

So why do we thank our moms and celebrate Mother’s day?

mothers day

The moment a woman carries a baby inside her womb that marks the beginning of motherhood.  She suffers for about nine months.  Experiencing everything from morning sickness to mood swings to back pain.

Some have morning sickness worse than others, throw up every morning. Eww! Gross!  She is sometimes even restricted to certain foods.  Even the small of some foods make her nauseous.

Morrow’s family

She loses her figure and must deal with the the dramatic changes in her features.  Some mothers actually never get their original shape.

mothers day

She endures hours of painful labor so that she can wake up every 3 hours to feel her sweet cute and lovely little baby.  She has to make sure the baby is safe, clean and healthy all the time. The mother has to bathe the baby and ensure that the little angel will have a good night sleep. Food has to be given at the right temperature too to avoid hurting the baby when feeding.


Taking care of a baby is never easy.  As the baby grows up into a toddler

an adolescent and a teen a mother’s work never stops.  She assists in homework and making projects. She is also responsible in guiding the right path and teaching children good manners and right conduct until they reach the stage of adulthood.

Realistically, everyday should be mother’s day.

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