Find a Scammer: Denise Manlutac Balibago Tarlac

Base on our investigation of this identity theft/Instagram scam happened, we found out that the scammer successfully stole money from a victim in Manila using the same “Gadgethub_” Instagram account.  She attempted to scam someone in Cebu also posing as “Yuri Sincero”.  The Cebu victim was instructed to send the money via parcel to Tarlac.   This package contained the real address of the scammer.

On the successful scam, she had the victim send the money through a money order.  In claiming money, the person does not need to send his/her full address.  However, in claiming money the courier will be asked for a government issued ID or a student ID to successfully receive the money.  Therefore, if the scammer did not want much hassle, she will use her real name to pick up the money.

With the real address and the real name we were able to track the person down on facebook.

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Yuri Sincero

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