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Filipinas Worship White Guys

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Filipinas Worship White Guys

The Philippines is heaven for a white guy.  White is what every filipino aspires to be and to have. White = beautiful.  White = successful.  In the Philippines, Mary, Jesus and God are all white.  If the KKK and Nazi’s did not hate filipinos so much, they would love to visit the Philippines to be worshiped.

Filipinas equate white with beauty. They are obsessed with having white skin.  So a white man is like a trophy and a young, good looking white man is a God.  A half way decent looking white guy can go to the Philippines and have two best friends for sex, they could know that each other are having him and it would be tolerated.  I am completely serious.

A white baby is one of the most coveted things in the Philippines.  Women and men stand in awe and the site of a white baby.  Women will even get trick a white guy into giving up the sperm in a one night stand just to have a white baby.

In conclusion, filipinas do not just like white guys, they love them.  Not all of them of course.  Most prefer a hot, successful filipino man.  But if that filipino guy is considered “hot”, his skin is white.

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