The Philippines is rich in culture that prides itself with many exciting traditions.  These traditions bring friends and family closer together and bind the local community.  Every family in town has celebrations and festivals dedicated to the Patrons of the Roman Catholic, for example.  But that is not all that happens within the culture.

Here are the top 5 traditions of Philippine culture.

1. Feast –  each town celebrates feast as a dedication to the Patrons. A parade of patrons will be held a day before the event as well as other activities such as basketball league and singing contests or beauty pageants. Indicators of a town feast are the ‘banderitas’. It is hung up above the roads tied to light posts. People prepare months before the celebration. Feasts go on for two days. The most common food prepared during feast are Lechon baboy (roasted pig), pork humba and pancit. The pre-celebration is called ‘desperas’ and the actual day of celebration in Cebuano is called ‘fiesta’. It is a disappointment to not be able to prepare food for unexpected visitors even if they are not invited to your home formally. Urban areas are busier and has evolved over time and do not take feast so seriously. It is not mandatory to celebrate a feast. Expect to hear loud music until midnight during the days of the feast especially if you are near the town’s auditorium.

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philippine culture
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2. Dance Festivals provinces & certain cities have variety of festivals dedicated to the saints and patrons of the Roman Catholic church. For example, Cebu has Sinulog Festival & Bacolod has Mascara festival. The dance festival contestants perform street dances with beautiful ethnic, traditional or mix modern music and costumes.

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3. Birthday, wedding and other occasions are a big deal in the Philippines. Special occasions are expected to have food on the table. Usually, lots of friends, co-workers, family and even random friends of friends are invited.

4.  Singing stands as a big part of Philippine culture. Every time there are gathering in Provinces or suburban areas, there is always a videoke machine. Singing contest and videoke have become a part of almost every occasion and celebration.  Filipinos love to sing even though some are not gifted with a golden voice.

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5. Liquors –  Special events are expected to have drinks served for friends and guests.  Filipinos love drinking with or without a special occasion.

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