Top 7 refined manners and etiquette of Philippine culture

There are some things you may not have known are a part of Philippine culture. If you are not from the Philippines and are not familiar with some the traditions.  Here are a few basic things to do as part of Philippines culture:

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1. Take off your slippers, sandals or shoes when visiting in other people’s houses unless they tell you to not to take them off. It is rude if you do it without asking permission.





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2. Greetings like hi or good morning or smiling to someone you do not know is not common and quite strange unless you did an act of kindness or respect.




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3. Beso  (a goodbye or a greeting kiss) similar to what Europeans do. But for us, we do one side only and holding the shoulders or waistline (for girl friends) at the same time.





philippine culture 44. Overtaking someone in a line is extremely offensive and rude especially in government offices with hundreds of people lined up to get their legal documents such as NBI, marriage and birth certificates.



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5. Upon riding in a bus jeepney , it is expected to walk fast and be quick (but not bump or push others) since everybody wants to pick the seat and cannot wait to sit. It is also expected to vacate front seats of PUVS for elderly and disabled people. Sad to say but many of young people today do not follow this anymore. Since Philippines is over populated, countless PUV’s operating around the cities and provinces are not enough to cater every citizens.

6. Calling somebody who’s across the street with hand sign and nodding is normal instead of yelling. (my husband gets irritated of it LOL. he said its like calling a dog)

philippine culture

7. Wearing transparent clothes, very vulgar clothes or Jeans showing butt crack during daytime is considered very humiliating and can get mean looks from people. People with weird (like Emo fashion) or updated fashion also get looks from people.


Disclaimer: Not all Filipinos are aware of this.

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