Relationship Advice – 5 Things You can Do When Things are REALLY BAD


In a relationship it’s not always sunny weather.


Sometimes it snows.  Sometimes there is a blizzard.


But if you love someone.  IF YOU REALLY love them.  You will try to get through it with them.


If you are a team, then you already know its YOU TWO against the world.


And whatever the challenge is, you are ready to face it together.  That is the mindset you will have as a team.


But sometimes you hit REALLY hard times.  You find out something shocking about your partner, you just had a bad argument, or there are times when if feels impossible to talk, or maybe someone has really been in a bad mood or maybe your not sure if you even want it to work anymore.  Life happens and it’s not always good.


We are going to give you 5 Ways we were able to keep going:


  1. Give your Partner Time to cool off.  Give Yourself time to cool off.  Sometime you just need to be alone, go for a walk.. You need time to think and process what has just happened.  It helps to talk to friends and family who are encouraging.  Be careful of negative people who already don’t like your partner and think you should breakup.  You want someone who is going to listen and be rational.  Someone with wisdom.  Not someone with spite and hate.  Give yourself time, give your partner time.  Don’t keep nagging.  Just be patient with them.  Be patient with yourself.  You are not your emotions.
  2. What will it be like without your partner.  Think about it.  Realistically, if you REALLY broke up what would that feel like, what are you going to do?  Is it really better without them?  If they answer is yes, then maybe you need to watch a different kind of video.  It there are kids involved, think about the kids.  Think about the family.  Think about your life together.  Think about your future.  Think about the BIG PICTURE not just the moment.
  3. Give them a Hug.  Regardless of what got you to this point, regardless of what brought on the storm, or the bad times, you should consider that you still love your partner.  Forget about everything for the moment and give them a hug.  Show them you love them, with flowers, words, gifts, a hug.  Anything you can think of to show them it is going to be ok.  If they reject it, try again later.  
  4. Swallow Your Pride.  Put Ego aside.  It’s not always about being “right” or “wrong”.  There is more at stake then your Ego.  If your relationship is worth anything, then it should be WAY bigger than your pride.  Sometimes, you need to just shut up and listen.  Sometimes you need to be humble and realize that it takes two to make it work and maybe YOUR ego and pride is in the way. Be quiet and listen.  Watch. Observe.
  5. Use the pain for greater gain.  If you can fall down and get back up, then do it again. Hard work is what makes a relationship work.  If you want to know what hard work is, and you are going through trials and tribulations with your partner, getting through the hard times, getting through the pain is where the “hard work” really comes in.  You can use the pain, anger, sadness as raw energy to go even harder.  You fell down, you failed, now get back up.  Us the pain to be stronger and to learn.


Remember EVERYONE has hard times.  No matter how easy it looks, no matter how happy a couple looks, in the park with their baby, no matter how many smiles and jokes they have on YOUTUBE EVERYONE has hard times.  ESPECIALLY US.


The difference is that we work as a team.  We work hard for each other.  We both have bad days.  We both have challenges.  But we put each other first.

Not every relationship is worth keeping.  If you are not both willing to try hard, then it is a one sided relationship.  Do NOT put energy into a bankrupt relationship.  I am not saying quit if you see hope in your relationship.  Definitely don’t quit if there is hope because everyone has winter.  If they are worth it then grab their hand and get through it together.

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