Retiring in the Philippines : How to secure your house

A subscriber of ours has asked me to do a video on how to secure your house if you decide to retire in the Philippines.

retiring in the philippines secure your house
  1. Door knob & double lock. You need an ordinary and a more secure lock.
  2. Secured fence. This is the most important thing that you need to do for your house. Securing your house with a high fence.
  3. Barb wires on top of the fence.
  4. Broken bottles, glasses on top of a concrete fence, so that no one can easily climb up your wall.
  5. Window grills.  Secure your windows and your door. Build a window and door grill.
  6. Always close your door. They wanna know what you have. What they can take. Who are the interesting ladies that they can possibly sneak to watch them undress.
  7. If you open your windows keep your curtains down because people very nosy. They wanna know your business.
  8. Always park your car and motorbike inside your garage. Because when they don’t like you they will steal or do something with your stuff.
  9. Keep a licensed gun in your house.
  10. Sliding door and sliding windows are not very ideal. French windows is much more ideal. Grills get rusty when the paint start to wear off. My former boss house had a sliding window with grills. They thieves removed the window grills and stole the laptop.

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