Submissive Women Submissive Wife
Submissive Women Submissive Wife

written by rob (edit Yuri Sincero)

A new wave of women’s empowerment is alive and well in the West, its called feminism.  Feminism means is women’s rights for political, social and economic equality with men.  Who can argue with that?  It makes sense.

More power to feminists.

The truth is, a submissive wife is a secret desire left unspoken.  How else do you explain the popularity of media like Fifty Shades of Grey.  Fifty Shades of Grey started as a novel by Erika Leonard, a UK author.  It is about a submissive woman and bondage.  It has topped best-seller lists around the world (including US and UK).  Its also a movie. Erika’s fantasy of submission/domination and bondage is so popular she wrote a series about it that made $95 million on the books alone and $5 million on the movie (the first movie).

My wife is SUPER submissive.  I did not ask for her to be this way.  And its actually a little extreme sometimes.  I find it very appealing.  For me, the submission is mutual.  I submit my self to my partner completely and I expect the same.  Submission is like a very intimate respect.  Unfortunately, this is completely lost on some people.  They want to be served but are not willing to give of themselves in some way.  Then we wonder why 50% of marriages end in divorce.  A marriage is give and take.

Submit yourselves one to another.. — Ephesians 5:21


submissive? NOPE
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Submissive Asian Myth

I love submissive women.  And filipino women are very submissive.  Not all, of course, but many particularly when they really love someone.  They express the love through complete submission.  Again, not all.  There is a stereotype that Asian women are submissive.   From my interacts and relationships with Japanese, Korean and Chinese, I would say that they are absolutely NOT submissive.  That is a HUGE lie.  In general, many asian women I have met don’t like to be considered submissive especially if they are from Europe, America, Australia or Canada where the phrase “submissive woman” is like a dirty word.  Submissive woman and feminism are not antonyms in my mind.  But in the west, it has become that way.

Submissive Wife

I think there is a twisted misconception about men wanting

submissive wife
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a submissive woman as a servant or slave.  I mean, of course, some do, but for me and most others that is not the case.

I have a submissive wife.  She goes out of her way to put our relationship first in everything.  She spends time in her day to make me feel better.  She makes her mission in life to support me as I support us.  I look forward to being with her as much as possible because my life is better when she is near.

Because of how she is to me, I don’t just love her, I worship this woman.  That is the power of a submissive woman.  A power that has been forsaken and forgotten in the west.

At work, I am an employee, a number.  But in my home, she makes me feel like a king.  So I want to make her feel as good as she makes me feel.  I noticed that its a love that most people cannot understand or relate so I don’t talk about it much since they will think we are crazy.  I guess we really are because I don’t meet many like us.

True Love is Submission

I think if a woman (or man) loves you enough she or he will show that side of themselves.  They will trust you enough to be vulnerable.  In fact, anyone, man or woman regardless of sexual orientation, when you really love someone, you are willing to submit to them from time to time.

I think I love submissiveness because I want a woman that is will to give me back all that I put into a relationship.  I want a return on the investment of time, love and energy I put in without holding back.  I submit myself to our relationship and I want a partner who can do the same.  Every good partner deserves a submissive to submit his or her life, work and livelihood too.  Someone worthy of chivalry, protection, and playing a strong supportive role for.  Who is that against feminism?

dominant and submissive

We are life partners and serve each other in all needs, wants and desires.

The behavior of submissive women (partner) is not what you think.  For example, they are actually only submissive in specific situations.  Like with my very submissive wife, she is only submissive to ME.  With other people she acts like one of the most dominant feminist I have ever seen.  I have to tell her to dial it down a bit sometimes.  But with me, she is an open book giving me access to every page.  Some submissive women are ONLY submissive in bed NOT out of bed.

Comments from Others on Submissiveness:

ProvidentialParlance: “Why do submissive women like to be submissive? What do they gain from it?”


During s3x I understand it, sometimes it’s fun to be the “toy” of a partner you love and trust.  In everyday life I admit I don’t understand. I like being a competent adult, there is no one’s judgment I trust more than my own to the extent that I would turn over all of the decision-making in our lives, even my most personal choices. It’s like wanting to be a child, and I don’t get it.


But women are submissive for their own reasons:


I choose freely to be submissive to my partner as it makes me happy. Not everyone is the same. I grew up in a really strict family and after moving out after college, I felt something was missing. A few years later when I chose my life partner, we discussed this and I decided that I wanted to be submissive. I have a demanding job that is stressful and I am responsible for many things, so it is simply wonderful to know that once I am away from work everything will be taken care of for me and I wouldn’t trade this for the world.


What I personally gain from subbing: for a change letting things go, not carrying the burdon of responsibility all the time, enjoying myself and my body, intimacy with someone and doing something I like: serving and making people happy.


They get wet from being submissive and they don’t have to know why. They just do.

sumissive girl
sumissive girl

submissive girl

I asked my wife why filipinas submit completely to there man she said from a young age girls are taught that.  She said its a woman’s job to support her husband and make their house a home.  Since the philippines is 90% Roman Catholic, it is expected that women will serve her husband as part of marriage vows.  And its not considered a bad thing its the only thing.


How to be Submissive

Submissive training is done not only done among filipino girls but among many other cultures around the world.  It is frowned upon by progressives in so called developed countries.  However, submissiveness is about human nature.  Its a natural part of our behavior.  So how does a willing partner train to be submissive?  Here are some points on how to be submissive:

1) Put your partners needs before your own, this goes for Dom & Sub.  As a Dom your responsibility is bigger because you must protect, guide and provide for your partner.

2) Put your relationship first.

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      1. The reason why most men in some countries cannot keep a Filipina, and I will not name it, is that the men are arrogant, for no good reason, drink too much, and abuse women, using fear to get what they want, when in fact, these men would get everything a man could dream of and more, if they showed their Filipina, respect, gave her emotional support, love, and yes, as you said, put her first, like a real man should…Pinoys think Filipinas only marry kanos for the money and I will tell you, they do not if they are a true Filipina and not just a pinay…The support they dream of since age 12 is emotional support…Not having real fathers, or father a image, or a father at all, look up to that man who can lead, with honor, lead with love respecting women and children, especially their own children, not running off and deserting them, kindness, and stand tall like a real man and act like one…Showing more love and putting the Filipina first, is the best, and fastest way to teach her how to put you first and serve you well, and serve you with joy and a smile on her face, forever..But most men will not get it and laugh

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