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Do Filipinas Like Black Guys

We have been asked by many black guys if filipinas like black men.  The answer is yes and no.  Some do some don’t.  The truth is love transcends all colors and countries.  People will judge us no matter what we look like or what we do, so why not be happy with our choices and live life fully and completely.  Race is such a small part of what we truly are.

The thumbnail image on the front of this video is of a great black and filipina couple we know who are now very happily married!

Beauty Contests – Miss Filipina World International 2013

Congratulations to all the beauty contests winners of the Philippines 2013!

Miss Filipina World International 2013 beauties

Congratulations to Angeli Dione Gomez of Cebu City!  She won Miss International Tourism 2013.

Wait a minute… are you noticing a trend here?  What is going on?! They took all the crowns in the same year! lol. That is not fair anymore.

Miss World 2013 – Megan Young

Miss International 2013 – Bea Rose Santiago

Miss SupraNational 2013 – Mutya Datul

Miss International Tourism 2013 – Angeli Dione Gomez of Cebu City

Ariella Arida, the Philippines’ bet for the Miss Universe 2013

Megan Young was the first Filipina to win Miss World.  But the most popular Miss World of 2012 was another filipina, Queenierich Rehman, who blew crowds away with her beat box skillz.

Bea Rose Santiago won 2013 Miss International, and filipinas had been in the top 5 contest for 4 years running!


Beauty Contest Ms Angeli Dione Gomez- Miss Tourism 2013-2014


Miss Supranational 2013- Mutya Datul


hot filipina

Hot filipina

Here is a quick look at hot filipinas that are looking for YOU!  You can find more like this at (A Foreign Affair), where there are not only sexy pinay but women from Latin America, Africa, Europe and all over Asia.

hot filipina named Jeccon

Weight: 75lb, 34kg
Height: 4’10”, 147cm
Measurements: 30-24-30 from


From Asia there are lovely Chinese ladies, cute Thai girls and women from Cebu, Davao and other places of the Philippines.  From Latin America Cartagen region, Barranquilla region, Medellin region, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Peru, and Venezuela.   From Russia (with love) you have women from all over Moscow, St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Kazan and girls from Nizhniy Novgorod Region.  In other parts of Europe you have Chernigov region, Crimea region, Donetsk region, Dnepropetrovsk & Krivoy Rog regions, ladies from Odessa region, women from Lugansk region, Kharkov region, Kherson region, Kiev region,  Mariupol region, Nikolaev region,  Poltava region, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Uzbekistan

These young ladies are looking for stable men.  Financially, emotionally, and mentally stable guys that can be a foundation in their life.  But the best way to figure out what they want from you is to ask them.



filipina beauty

Filipina beauty is the most sexy  and exotic within southeast asia due to the ethnic mix.  With a mix of negritos pilipinas islanders, Spanish and southeast asian ranging from Japanese to Chinese, their look are unmatched.  Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder, but it would seem that in recent years of International beauty pageants filipina beauty is definitely recognized as top notch.

filipina beauty

filipina beauty

There are three main things that they do to enhance their pinay beauty:

filipina beauty
1. Skin Whitening – filipinas prefer having lighter or whiter skin.  While the west favors a beautiful tan, Filipinos prefer skin that is as white as possible.  Many of the beauty products come with whitening chemicals such as papaya and carrot soaps, whitening lotions, to help whitens the skin and protection from the sun and many brands of face creams. Some spends hour/hours in soaking their skin into bleaching chemicals or do it the faster way in a clinic.

2. Beauty products for less wrinkles – companies have made products suitable for pinay skin and needs, products like Olay.  Filipinas are very conscious when it comes to aging so they always use facial creams to prevent early wrinkles and protection from dust.  They Also use face foundations to avoid oily skin, facial wash cleansers to help keep the face clean and fresh.

Filipinas also go to salons for application of eyelashes, hair extensions and spas for facials for relaxation and treatment.  Older filipinas go to clinics to have face lifts.  Cucumbers are commonly used to keep away eyebags and dark circles around the eyes.

fiipina beauty coconut milk
3. Hair – filipinas are obsessed with maintaining their hair.  The want to keep their hair beautiful and healthy.  A “bad hair day” is to be avoided at all costs.  They always get their hair cut or  treated to ensure that there’s no split ends despite heat that damages the hair.  Hair treatment is very important and can be done in the salons with chemicals or a more natural way using coconut milk.  Filipinas love their hair straight so they always pay for it when they can afford hair straightening.

4. Body – filipinas are also into maintaining a good figure.  A woman with only a little excess fat is considered very fat in the Philippines since the average woman is petite.  Filipina beauty requires that they always watch what they eat and eat less when they can.  Fatburners are popular among the average filipina beauty.