Thailand travelling

Thailand is the second country I had been to. People there are very kind, hospitable and always smiling. They are very cool. My fiance and I have met couples that were very nice to us.

Pattaya specifically is a paradise for men but also for women as well. They have lots of places to shop for low priced goods in Bangkok and Pattaya area.

The food is also great.  I love spicy food and I love how they cook their food here.

thailand travelling
thai food with less chili

We met a young couple during our travel. My thai BFF’s name is “One” – pronounced like the number “1”. A very beautiful smart thai lady with her French fiancee, Theo. She also recommended lots of places for me to shop. We visited their condo and they prepared thai food for us. It is a very great hospitality and dining experience for us.

thailand travelling (2)

They showed us the best agogo bars in Walking street and went to Insomnia Club.

thailand travelling
Pattaya Beer Garden Resto

I have also discovered a lot of differences in food here and the Philippines. Their green mangoes tasted sweet while Philippine green mangoes taste very sour. All of their food has chili or serve with fish sauce and chopped chili on it. While filipinos only use some chili in a few dishes. Their street food are also quite different.

Street appetizers are raw seafood with lots of chili and other spices, kebabs, barbecue  and some barbecued sausages.

So far Thailand feels like my second home. It has been a great and unforgettable experience.


see more about our thailand trip at dimetravel and how to get to thailand here


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