Tips for a successful filing of I 751 Removal of conditions

Tips for a successful filing of I 751 Removal of conditions

Form I-751 fee : $ 505.00

Biometrics        : $   85.00

TOTAL            : $  590.00

After my interview for the 2 year conditional green card, the immigration officer informed me and my husband of what exactly we need to do after 2 years.

He told us that 90 days before 2 year conditional green card expires, we have to submit my I 751 Removal of conditions. He has mentioned if the papers are delayed upon submission, there will be a penalty for not submitting on a timely manner. Your I 751 must contain a load of documents that will supply as proof of real marriage. Below are the list of what you can possibly attach in your I 751 packet.


  • Bank statements – print a screenshot of your joint bank account every 4 months.
  • Travel – keep copies of itinerary of travel, such as flight ticket, hotel booking, receipts of the activities during the trip
  • Photos – along with your itinerary, you have to take photos of the places you went to and specifically the scenery that describes the place you went to
  • House title – if you own a property, a house title that will show both you and your spouse’s name will be an advantage
  • Adoption papers – if your foreign wife or husband has a child/children that you have adopted, the adoption papers also serves as a proof of genuine marriage.
  • Credit cards – spending is a way to prove the marriage so a photocopy of joint credit cards is a strong proof that you can submit
  • Car title – if you have bought a car within the 2 year period, you can provide a document that shows both you and your spouse name in the title.
  • Life insurance – if you have purchase a life insurance and your spouse is the beneficiary, you can submit a copy of a document that shows your spouse as the beneficary
  • Other properties that will show both your names in the title.

He also mentioned that if our future I 751 packet is filed completely (with evidences as much as we can file),when they review it, they will approve it immediately. He said that once they review it and they are satisfied, they approve it fast and do not require for another interview appearance anymore. However, when the i751 packet does not meet their satisfactory, they put it aside and let it sit there for 6 months until they decide to review the packet again. If they are not satisfied with  what has been submitted, they may give you an interview notice for another interview after 2 years and it is not gonna be pretty. It wont be a nice interview like we when you appear for 2 year conditional green card.  Once the removal of conditions I 751 has been removed, they will issue  a 10 year green card.  

He mentioned that on the third year, an immigrant can apply for citizenship N400 even if your I751 removal of conditions has not been removed yet. However,  if your i751 is still pending, you may have a problem  and every application has expiration date to take action and you might waste your money ($600).

Lastly, he said that if you speak English well, you can proceed to applying for US citizenship on your 3rd year, dated back when you first receive your 2 yr conditional green card.

Goodluck to all of ussss!






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