The Fiancé(e) Visa (k1) is actually pretty risky compared to the other visas.  It is no wonder TLC was able to make a show our of the process called 90 Day Fiance (#90dayfiance).  K1 gives a foreign born fiance a 90 day visa to get a married and start the permanent residency process.  It is a thrilling and frustrating process!
When I say frustrating, I mean you are at the mercy of two different federal agencies United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the US State Department.  Also, you have to have 1 or more face to face interviews that evaluate the validity of your petition.  If something is wrong, you may be issued an request for evidence (RFE) which can delay your case for months.
For the foreign fiance, preparing for the interview can be one of the most intense event in their life.  You really do not know what kinds of interview you are going to get so you have to prepare for the worst.   At the end of the day, preparation is the key for a successful process. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid delays in your fiance visa process:
1. Do not appear on your interview with an empty brain. Review all your I-129f documents and share a complete copy to your foreign fiance.  The beneficiary has to read the information that has been submitted to USCIS.
2.  Declaration of how you met.  It is a good idea to write a letter declaring how you met.  It is optional, but it will help you and your fiance have the same story in written form and the during the interview for both the US Embassy and USCIS.  We did the declaration of how we met and they have both agencies have asked us about it.  Since we both know our story well, we have not had a problem.
3.  Preparation of the papers for the interview.  Click here for interview checklist. Follow all the papers that are required for you to bring to your interview.  If you choose to not comply with the requirements you increase the possibility of getting what is called a 221g letter (request for more evidence).  Receiving a 221g letter is going to delay your process for 1-3 months depending on how fast you send the documents back to them.
4.  Be prepared mentally.  Some US petitioners may have a criminal history or divorce that the foreign fiance did not know about.  It is important to know what is going one because the fiance has to be prepared to answer related questions when asked by the Consular Officer.  There are some issues that are not going to be an easy interview if there is a criminal record so it is important that the petition explain to the beneficiary/foreign fiance.  They will ask to state the reasons of convictions.  The foreign fiance must be able to state what exactly has happened.
5. Previous divorce and kids.  If your US petitioner is divorced, the consular officer may ask about the the previous divorce and reasons. They will also ask to state the kids situation, child support and the alimony.
6. Income.  Ensure that your documents for form 1040 and W2 are present.  Other back up such as employment letter, bank statement and I-134 may be requested by the Consular officer.  Consular officers will check the poverty guideline set for US citizen.  Be prepared to get a co-sponsor if your fiance does not meet the income required.  You have to know your US petitioner’s annual income and financial situation because it might come up in the interview.  Serious couples are usually comfortable enough with each other to share that kind of information.
7. Interview questions.  Click here for interview questions.  Reviewing possible questions is one of the most important things besides required documents that you need to do.  If you have hard time understanding English language, you can request a Consular officer who speaks your native language or you can prepare for your interview ahead of time.

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