tips to find out if your pinay loves you

Tips to find out if your pinay loves you

Pinay love is good to find and the man lucky enough to stumble upon is truly blessed.  A pinay with real love will be very dedicated to her relationship whether as a girlfriend or marriage.  She wants to be the best woman he will ever have.  A loving pinay will give her best to keep her man happy.  How do you know if your pinay loves you?

1. Surprises.  She will go out of her way to make surprises for you.  Pinay are notoriously bad at hiding surprises though.

2. Special Occasion.  A loving pinay will never forget special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays and holidays. She celebrates your birthday and buy you a present even if you are not around to open it.

tips to find out if your pinay loves you

3. Messages.  Your pinay love always leave online and mobile messages.  She will not give alibis on why should could not message you.

4. Affectionate.  Pinay are very expressive and emotional.  So she always makes it known how much she misses you and loves you.  Your pinay love always wants to hold your hands, hug, want to kiss when you are together.


5. Considerate.  Pinays are very caring so if she really loves you expect her to ask if you have eaten and what did you eat?

6. Communicate trust.  Your pinay will always let you know the details of activities she did for that day.  Since many are submissive they will even ask permission sometime to do any activity.  But she also expects you to call her or send messages when you wake up, until you fall asleep.

7. NO FLIRTING!  A loving and faithful pinay does not flirt to any guys even if you are not around.

8. Interest in YOU.  Your pinay will want to really get to know you.  But she also wants to know who your friends are, co-workers or even your distant family.

9. Proud of Your Love.  She will be proud of your love no matter what you look like and no matter what your age.  She will want the world to know that she is in love so expect that she will introduce you to her family and friends and people that ask about it.

There are many ways a filipina will express her love.  these are only a few.  Filipina are very openly loving which is a lot different from other cultures of southeast asia.  No matter how she chooses to express it, you have to learn to recognize it and give that love back.  If she is not expressive, then you should be suspicious.

A video of a filipina Ms shane and David DiMuzio singing Your Love. sounds like angels 🙂

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