We choose to celebrate our difference.  We don’t ignore them, we don’t blow them out of proportion.  We talk about it, we acknowledge them and ask questions about the differences.  We are actually interested in each others culture. It is sometimes shocking, surprising and or annoying! 🙂

Here are the top 5 things we have noticed:

Gestures.  We have different gestures, different ways to point, for example.  Yuri point with her lips sometimes.  Which is very interesting.  In the US, we sometimes point with a head nod but not usually with lips.

“mmm” means yes.  This can be confusing because Filipinos will make the sound “mm” and it can mean yes.  In the US, the sound “mm” can mean “this tastes good” or “hmm, let me think about that” but it does not mean YES, but the sound “mm, hmm” can mean yes.

Reusing Plastic Jars.  Actually some Americans do reuse plastic bags and jars so this is not that big of a difference, but Filipinos are pros at this.

Gender Pronouns.  The filipino language does not have an equivalent for “he” and “her”.  So sometimes Yuri switches the gender pronouns of guys and girls.  For example, she might say “Where is John?  Is SHE here.”  It is because the filipino language and cebuano really does not have an equivalent word.

Singing (ALL the Time).  Lots of people in American sing in the shower or hum a tune while doing chores, but in the Philippines, they take it to another level.  They feel about singing what Americans think about Football or Brits think about tea and soccer.  It is a big deal and it is like a national pass time.


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