If you decide to visit the Philippines, there are certain subjects you should avoid.  The Filipinos are very laid back and cool but one thing you don’t want to mess with is the Catholic religion.  The things you don’t want to talk about all involve how the Catholic religion approaches these topics:

Prostitution. Yes. It does exist in the Philippines. It really does exist and it is very noticeable in places such as Manila, Angeles City and Cebu.  However, people do not want to hear your opinions about it.  Particularly if you are not against prostitution.. it is best to keep your mouth shut about it.  For some religious people in the Philippines it is equal to killing a person.  It is extremely offensive to say your opinion openly if you are pro-prostitution.  There are some who are open minded about it.. like many cab drivers.

Religion.  If you are an atheist, you have to keep it to yourself.  You cannot say anything against Catholicism or against God.  Even the Dan Brown book, “The DaVinci Code” which has some anti-Catholic ideas was banned in the Philippines.  The movie adaptation of the book was not available in any theater.  Any contradictions of the Bible is not cool to talk about.  People there are very religious.  In schools, the class or a ceremony starts with a prayer.

Gay rights.  The Philippines has a very large gay community so you might be surprised to know that there are no Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans rights there at all.  To talk about it is very controversial.   There are many very conservative people there that are totally against gay rights.

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