The Philippines is truly a beautiful tropical paradise with hospitable people.  It is full of amazing beaches and tourist attractions.  You will find this country very interesting because of its history, culture and food.  The biggest asset in the Philippines for bachelors is definitely the variety of pretty, petite ladies all over the country.

Filipino women make the best wives in the world.  Why?  Because a filipino woman is trained to be a good wife from a young age.  Teaching girls to be good house wives seems to be a bit of a growing taboo in the Western world as women have had to fight to have the same jobs with equal pay as men and now face a complete change in roles and responsibilities.  But in the Philippines it is quite different.  A filipina already has the world on her shoulders.  She is expected to carry the weight of the the family in many cases.  She is often the bread winner as well as a mother.  A LOT is expected of a filipina at a young age.  Even before Europeans arrived to the Philippines, women had a very powerful role in tribal society.  They could be chiefs, they could do business AND they could divorce a man at will.  The modern filipina is still powerful.  There is still a fight for justice of filipinas, but they have succeeded even with all the odds stacked against them taking on powerful roles in business and politics.  Out of (15) presidents in the Philippines (2) have been women.  This does not sound like many but compare this to the current number male US presidents (44) and female US presidents (0) as of 2015 (Maybe Hilary will change this in 2016).  All that being said, in the Philippines a woman’s most important role is the be a mother and a wife.

If anything, filipinas have too much responsibility on their hands.  In the Philippines parents always nurture kids stressing the importance of family.  Girls are taught to treat their husband well, the importance of serving her husband, how to cook how to clean and care for the family.  In the Philippines, being a wife is a big responsibility. We are taught at home and in school that a mother/wife is the “light of a home.”  And without a good mother everything will not fall apart.  A mother stabilizes the home.  Her responsibility is to ensure everything at home is organized, clean, kids are taken care of and everything else that keeps the home peaceful.  There are several types of filipino women you will encounter during your dating search.  Some will be surprisingly amazing and some are shockingly violent. Not all will be a wife material but many of filipinas are. You just have to find the right one.

  1. Plain submissive filipino girl. They are the kind of filipina who does not have a problem in the world and just keep smiling, laughing and agreeing with what her partner will say. They just say yes all the time and do not take problems too seriously.
  2. Crazy filipina. You might meet crazy ones.  These crazy filipinas can be very violent that seems like they have mental problems.  They may have had a very bad childhood experience that causes them to have a hard time controlling themselves when something goes wrong.  Some are just plainly crazy and take their temper on their husbands.  Generally you cannot fix her problem. Only she can fix it.  If you encounter a filipino girl like that, your only choice is to back out quickly.
  3. Gold digger.  Every race always has the infamous “gold digger”.  I know that filipinas hold one of the world record on this one. The gold digger filipinas target the very kind foreigners. Not just marrying an american for a green card but they also dig into Europeans, Arabs, Japanese and Koreans. They are also good actresses. You should be able to balance yourself between love and lust with your filipina girlfriend. Which means do not trust her with all your bank accounts and assets.  Do not give access to her unless you know all about what she is up to. You would not want to see yourself devastated and broke by the time she leaves you.
  4. Hard Working girls. There are filipino women who are living life working there ass off. They have a job, a happy family and all they search for is a good man. The man does not need to be rich but should not be a deadbeat.
  5. Cam girl. A cam girl do online services, such as getting naked on camera or having an orgasm in exchange for money. They are plainly for business. You cannot expect them a relationship as they do it as a job. You will also not feel at ease because you knew her as a cam girl. You will not be able to trust that she will not talk to other guys anymore.
  6. Trapped or Lost filipina.  This type of filipina does not know what to do yet with her life.  As a result, she may make bad decisions.  She has not figure out yet what she wants in her life.  Your relationship with her will be a limbo.
  7. No strings attached.  Just like other nationalities, there are filipino girls who only want sex.  They might be in a relationship already but are not sexually satisfied or their partner might be overseas.  Some are freely hopping from guy to guy and do not want to be tied down with one person. They are happier with trying many than being with a one man relationship.
  8. Religious/Traditional filipinas.  Religious and Traditional filipinas have a world view based on the Bible.  They will also have a very strong family background. They are attached to their families and make decisions base on their parents advice. Religious filipinas are not likely to marry a person from a different religion.  They strongly believe in marriage before anything else can follow. Marriage comes first before sex and babies.  They are also the kind who will consult their parents before making big decisions.  They ask their parents for advice on what to do with their love life, career and relationships with people. They also have very decent families.  Marrying a filipina with a good family is a positive thing.  These filipinas are very well mannered.
  9. Serving filipina.  These filipinas are usually the submissive type but submissive filipinas are not always “serving type filipinas”.  There is a difference.  These types are “givers” who serve their partners fully.  Their husband always comes first.  These are the type of filipina that always gets things done and don’t need to be asked.  Since they serve to please their loved ones, they always aim to improve in their relationships.  This is not always true of the submissive type.
  10. Overly sweet filipinas.  This is the type of filipina who is overly into their partner. She is always kissing or hugging her guy.  She is always saying “I love you” uncountable times a day.  They may annoy their man by always calling or texting every minute and being overly affectionate.  They have a tendency to be overly jealous since they are overly in love and too attached to their man.  This normally happens to filipinas who are teens and age below 20.  If you are an older guy, it is better not to date a filipina like this since it may be too much for you.
  11. Cold  filipina. This is the total opposite of an “overly sweet filipina”.  They do not want to show any affection in public but show their love by action only when no one is watching.  They are not sweet and feel uncomfortable showing affection.

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  1. I have read quite a few of these articles and they are great. I know people in general are all different but…I have been online dating a great Filipina for the last 6-7 months now and am scheduled to fly down next week to finally meet her. She has been wonderful and has given me no reason to doubt things until now. She used to msg me seemingly her whole day routine, now she does so but at a different pace. A few things in her story has changed over the months but I just figured life changes all the time. In the past she said besides work mates and family she didn’t go out and she doesn’t chat online with other guys… I asked her directly the other day if she was talking to guys because i feel a difference in the msgs, she said that she was but they are just friends and asked me to trust her. I admittedly have insecurities right now because my wife of 12 yrs ran off with one of her friends. Im afraid to say anything to her about how I feel but I also feel like she isn’t giving me the full story. Any input would be great?