Women rights in the philippines

The saddest thing about being a woman in the Philippines is the lack of rights.

Yes, Philippines beauty is appreciated all over the world.  The genuine smiles, the courage and the perseverance through poverty and calamity.  The overall openness give to most tourists has made this archipelago an international treasure.  But what goes unnoticed is the lack of women’s rights and lack of support.

The pressures of supporting a family with no support has made filipino women tough?

When no one is there to protect you and there is no laws that support women, all you have to protect you is yourself. I have heard and talked to a lot of women of the Philippines that have been raped, abused, harassed or molested when they were very young.  These stories are not only in mass media but from real people all over the Philippines.

Lack Enforcement for the Protection of Filipino

Philippine legislators have passed a few laws to protect filipina but it is not nearly enough many times not even enforced.  For example, R.A. 9208, Anti-trafficking in Persons Act of 2003, is a law against human trafficking and child prostitution.  Foreigners come from all over the world to spend their money on this illegal act and the local law enforcement in Angeles, Olongapo, Subic and other cities turn a blind eye for a price. [human trafficking philippines]

A filipina can go to police stations and report an incident, molestation, harassment or a rape case and expect a less care and treatment.

We have some government organizations in place but it depends on the leaders if they care for others or not, if they wanna help and attend to the needs or not or at least do their job that they are paid for.

Domestic Violence of Filipina

Many here get beaten off by their husbands but do not complain because even when they do,  who’s going to give them help in raising their kids? No one else but their husband.

Harassment and Rape of Filipina

If a woman  gets harassed and you complain at the police station, they only write your complaint and its up to you if you can handle the expenses of going too many times with the slow process until you get tired, let it go and learn the lesson. If a kid gets raped and the parents has no money, or don’t mind it that much or there’s no person powerful enough to support and help the child who has been raped, a case is ignored and dumped. ‘’It is like, you got into that situation and it is your fault’’.

In this country, money is the power.  Mostly, only rich or people that has connections have their rights, everything moves faster when you sneaks to pay in their deep pockets.

These are the laws of the Philippines:

RA 7600 Require Private Health Institutions to have rooms for breast feeding (June 17, 1992)

RA 7688 Representation of Women in Social Security (March 3, 1994)

RA 7822 For Women in Engaging in Business (February 20, 1995)

RA 8353 Expanding Definition of Rape to Marital (September 30, 1997)

RA 6725 Prohibition on Discrimination Against Women (April 27, 1989),

Act against the discrimination of women in terms and conditions of employment.

RA 7322 Increasing Maternity Benefits in Favor of Women Workers (March 30, 1992)

RA 9262 Defining Violence Against Women and Their Children (March 8, 2004)

RA 7192 Integration of Women as Full and Equal Partners of Men (December 11, 1991)

International Women's Day
International Women’s Day, Manila

A personal experience.

I was molested when I was 13 years old.  My parents adopted a neighbor to help with chores for free in exchange for food and shelter and later on left our house after a year.

I was sleeping and this guy broke the doorknob,sneak into my bed,started touching me and tried to open my shorts.  I woke up quickly and he fled the room.  I told my parents. They did not tell the police and ignored what happened.  There was no legal action taken against him.  As a result, he actually tried to sneak in our home and do it again.  My parents are irresponsible and did nothing to protect me. I told my mom and she ignored me. I told my older sister and she accompanied me to the police station. After that, nothing really happened, no one really assisted me or even offered comfort me in that tragedy that scared me for life.  The policeman we told wrote it in his book and that was the end..  A disappointment from careless grown-up around me.  That is not even close the worst of many incidents that I have had to deal had to fight with mentally & emotionally.

As a young girl seeing so many injustices against women and girls that were simply ignored or accepted, I did not know what is right or wrong in this country.  It may sound crazy, but I thought that it was ok when a woman gets harassed or raped because has been such a common thing that happens to filipino women.

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